Sofie Mason and Diana Jervis-Read  invite you into the charitable wing of the mother ship, Our mission since 2006 has always been to celebrate the full spectrum of Off West End theatres and to draw increasing numbers of the general public into the heady darkness and dangerous passion of these little powerhouses perched above a pub, tucked under a railway bridge, packed into a disused warehouse, built around a butcher’s shop or suspended above a shopping centre.

Ever since 2012, with the help of our magnificent Angels and Trustees, our charitable wing has been sending little tug boats out from the mother ship to salvage, tow, redirect, power up and propel projects and people towards exploring their full potential. Our mission from 2017 onwards is to concentrate on finding more ways to dismantle barriers to participation in theatre making – financial, physical or ideological – and to keep theatre honest, heartfelt, provocative and representative. The freedom of the Off West End community – free from the mainstream pressure to make a profit, to be respectable or to be commodified – is where it all starts!