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How it works

Join a radical new scheme to ‘buy time’ for struggling new playwrights to write!

The Adopt a Playwright Award gathers individual donors together to help playwrights of quality, who have had at least one play staged and come from backgrounds that offer little encouragement or financial support, to find the time and financial backing to go on writing and take their place among our culture’s storytellers.

Some £90,000 has been raised to date and twelve playwrights adopted. The Adopt a Playwright Award was launched in 2008 by Sofie and Diana, gathering individual donors together to raise £8,000 per year to help playwrights of quality but of limited means. It seemed to us that there were no schemes that saved penniless playwrights at the beginning of their careers from giving up and getting a 'proper job' so we shaped this award to be as close and as supportive as each playwright needs us to be. We start by asking for recommendations in October/November…

Kenny Emson

Jane Wainwright

Without this award I have no idea where I would be. Or what I would be doing. But I know I would be half the writer I am now."

The lovely thing about Sofie and Diana is that they continue to offer their support, and provide a space for new writers to come together and feel connected to each other. 

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